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Auditor General releases annual report on financial statement audits

Updated: Mar 6

WINNIPEG – Auditor General Tyson Shtykalo today released his report, Public Accounts and Other Financial Statement Audits. The report provides an overview of the Auditor General’s 2022/23 financial statement audit work.

This year, Shtykalo issued a qualified opinion on the Province’s financial statements. The opinion was qualified because of insufficient support for asset retirement obligations. “A qualified opinion signals for users where they need to be cautious when relying on the financial statements the opinion is attached to,” Shtykalo said. Aside from this qualification, the financial statements fairly presented the financial position of the government, the Auditor General said.

Shtykalo also said that during the audit, his office continued to find significant control and accounting issues throughout government departments—which has been an issue in previous years. “I encourage the Province to address the concerns we brought forward in this report, in previous reports, and in our management letters,” said Shtykalo. The Auditor General previously announced a performance audit looking into the likely causes of these control and accounting deficiencies. This audit is currently in progress.

In addition, Shtykalo noted a lack of audit readiness by the Province. “Going forward, the Province needs to improve the planning, timing, and resources allocated to the preparation of the Summary Financial Statements and supporting documents,” Shtykalo said.

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About the Auditor General of Manitoba

The Auditor General is an officer of the Legislative Assembly mandated to provide independent assurance and advice to Members of the Legislative Assembly. Through its audits, the Office of the Auditor General seeks to identify opportunities to strengthen government operations and enhance performance management and reporting. For more information visit

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