We produce audits that examine how well the provincial government accounts for the resources entrusted to it, and how well it manages its operations. We encourage Manitobans to provide information related to one of our on-going audits, or information on government programs that you are concerned about.

You can provide input by

Note that information provided must relate to the operations of a provincial government organization, or the use of public money by a recipient of those funds. The Auditor General does not comment on the merits of government policy, but rather focuses on assessing whether public money is expended with proper regard for economy and efficiency.

What we can audit

We can conduct examinations and audits of organizations that receive significant public money. Examples of government organizations we can examine include:

  • Provincial Government Departments
  • Municipalities
  • Manitoba Colleges and Universities
  • Public School Divisions
  • First Nation Family Authorities
  • Regional Health Authorities
  • Crown Corporations including Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation and Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation
  • Not for Profits receiving Provincial Government funding

If information provided to our Office is not within the Auditor General’s mandate, we will attempt to identify alternative organizations that may be interested in the information. Examples of organizations we have referred Manitobans to include:

  • The Manitoba Ombudsman
  • Internal dispute resolution mechanisms such as the Appeals Commission for the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba and The Automobile Injury Compensation Appeal Commission
  • Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) tips line

How we select audit projects

The Auditor General has sole discretion in identifying and selecting the project audits the Office undertakes. When selecting project audits the Auditor General considers a number of factors, including financial magnitude, impact of the subject matter on Manitobans, and public interest.

How we use the information you provide us

The information we receive from the public:

  • Assists our audit teams to identify risks or concerns within an entity we are auditing.
  • Helps us identify entities and programs that may benefit from an audit by our Office.

We acknowledge the receipt of all information, and may request additional details. We do not report back to individuals who present information to our Office. This means we do not inform individuals who submit information whether we used the information, or how it was used. Manitobans are encouraged to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the latest updates.

What we are working on

At any given time, we have several project audits in progress. You can find brief descriptions of these on-going audits here.

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We want to hear from you

We encourage Manitobans to provide us with information related to one of our on-going project audits, or to potential audits. This information may help our audit teams identify concerns and potentially influence what an audit will examine.

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