This audit found the Government of Manitoba has not fulfilled its commitments under The Path to Reconciliation Act.

This audit assessed whether the Government of Manitoba is fulfilling its commitments under The Path to Reconciliation Act (the Act).

The audit found the Government had not developed a strategy for reconciliation—which is required under the Act.

In addition, the audit found reconciliation efforts were lacking cross-government coordination—and there was no direction given to departments. The Act requires each cabinet member to promote measures to advance reconciliation through the work of their department and across government. Of the 5 departments examined in the audit, only the Minister of Indigenous Reconciliation and Northern Relations had any significant mention of actions to advance reconciliation in their most recent mandate letter.

The report notes the former Minister responsible for reconciliation resigned in July 2021, saying her voice was not being heard. Prior to her resignation, she promoted initiatives to advance reconciliation and to recognize the contributions of Indigenous peoples to the founding of Manitoba.

This Auditor General made 5 recommendations for the Government to help make progress in meeting its commitments to advancing reconciliation.

The Government passed The Path to Reconciliation Act in 2016 with unanimous support in the Manitoba Legislature.

Published: April 2022

Sector: Government Operations

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