This investigation confirmed numerous allegations we received regarding the Protection for Persons in Care Office.

We received numerous allegations through our citizen concern line regarding the Protection for Persons in Care Office (PPCO). We launched an investigation into the allegations and confirmed serious systemic issues exist. These issues jeopardize the PPCO’s ability to produce meaningful investigation results to help protect vulnerable Manitobans in care.

We found:

  • The PPCO concluded “unfounded for abuse” in cases where vulnerable Manitobans were hit or sexually assaulted.
  • Victims waited over 3 years before investigations start.
  • The PPCO’s public reporting on the outcome of its investigations is inadequate.

The report includes 12 recommendations to the PPCO to improve the investigation process and protect vulnerable Manitobans.

Watch a short video of Auditor General Tyson Shtykalo discussing the report:

Published: July 2023

Sector: Government Operations

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