Strategic priorities focus efforts and provide a framework for developing annual workplans. We have identified 3 strategic priorities and developed key strategies to support each of these priorities.


Strategic priority 1: Select and complete audits and other work that deliver value to the Legislative Assembly and Manitobans.

  1. Strengthen work selection process for each service area
  2. Ensure priority focus areas are reflected in our workplans
  3. Increase outreach and engagement


Strategic priority 2: Maximize impact of advice, findings, recommendations, and reports to promote excellence in public administration.

  1. Promote and support an effective Public Accounts Committee
  2. Strengthen relationships with auditees and government entities
  3. Develop new and innovative work products (reports)
  4. Increase awareness of our work and promote the use of our findings and recommendations to a broader audience


Strategic Priority 3: Sustain a high performing, diverse and engaged team.

  1. Attract and retain employees with diverse skills and competencies
  2. Strengthen commitment to equity and reconciliation
  3. Increase communication and engagement

What we are working on

At any given time, we have several project audits in progress. You can find brief descriptions of these on-going audits here.

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We want to hear from you

We encourage Manitobans to provide us with information related to one of our on-going project audits, or to potential audits. This information may help our audit teams identify concerns and potentially influence what an audit will examine.

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