We have identified 5 strategic priorities and developed key strategies to support each of these priorities.

Focusing our audit work to maximize its value to the Legislative Assembly

  1. Focus the Office’s project audit resources on projects that are of strategic significance to the Legislative Assembly and that demonstrate a broad coverage of government organizations.
  2. Focus the Office’s financial statement audit resources on entities that are of strategic significance to the Legislative Assembly.
  3. Through the strategic allocation of staff resources between financial statement audit work and project audit work, we will strive to maximize our impact on the Government Reporting Entity.

Supporting the Public Accounts Committee

  1. Provide advice to the Public Accounts Committee on our audit reports.
  2. Provide advice on good practices for Public Accounts Committees.
  3. Provide orientation sessions for new members and workshops for all members on select/desired topics.
  4. Make every effort to be able to act on any Section 16 Special Audit request made by the PAC.
  5. Consult with PAC members when determining project priorities.

Ensuring we deliver quality audit products at a reasonable cost

  1. Develop and maintain professional practices that align with applicable professional standards and respond to emerging best practices.
  2. Develop and maintain strong quality assurance practices for all products produced by the Office.
  3. Deploy and manage resources based on reasonable budgets and deadlines.
  4. Maximize the value of our association with the CCOLA.
  5. Maximize the value of our association with the Canadian Audit and Accountability Foundation.
  6. Seek opportunities to collaborate with other legislative audit offices and with internal audit departments.

Nurturing a thriving Office culture that reflects our newly articulated Values

  1. Ensure staff are engaged and satisfied with their work experience.
  2. Provide a comprehensive professional development program.
  3. Ensure risks or barriers that may impede the Office’s ability to accomplish its strategic priorities are identified, assessed and, where warranted, mitigated.

Strengthening office operations

  1. Develop a comprehensive human resources management function.
  2. Develop a comprehensive communications function.
  3. Produce appropriately detailed accountability documents to inform the Assembly and the public of the value they receive for their investment in the Office.
  4. Prudent use of public funds entrusted to us.
  5. Ensure the Office’s information, systems, documents and physical plant are secure from inappropriate access.
  6. Ensure the Office is properly structured to respond to existing challenges and to support the effective pursuit/delivery of our vision, mission and strategic priorities, and the production of quality products.
  7. Meet the commitments noted in our French Language Services Plan.

To read our Strategic Priorities plan, please click here.

What we are working on

At any given time, we have several project audits in progress. You can find brief descriptions of these on-going audits here.

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We want to hear from you

We encourage Manitobans to provide us with information related to one of our on-going project audits, or to potential audits. This information may help our audit teams identify concerns and potentially influence what an audit will examine.

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