As a legislative auditor, the Auditor General provides the Legislative Assembly with financial statement audits and with project audits.

Financial statement audits

The Auditor General examines and audits the financial statements included in the province’s Public Accounts, and any other statements the Minister of Finance presents for audit.

The Auditor General is also responsible for examining and auditing public money that is not part of the Consolidated Fund, unless an Act provides otherwise.

The Office conducts financial statement audits for 20 entities within the Government Reporting Entity (12 because their Acts specify that the Auditor General is the auditor of the organization). External audit firms audit all other public sector entities within the Government Reporting Entity.

Although not part of the Government Reporting Entity, we also audit 5 pension plans and 2 other organizations.

The Government Reporting Entity includes all funds, organizations, and business enterprises controlled by the government (for example, school divisions, universities, regional health authorities, Manitoba Hydro and Manitoba Public Insurance).

Project audits

The Auditor General can examine the operations of any government organization, or the use of public money by any recipient of that money. These examinations are called project audits.

The term project audit includes:

  • Performance audits
  • Investigations (including special audits)
  • Information technology (IT) audits
  • Governance audits and reviews

Project audits can look at whether:

  • Financial and administrative provisions of acts, regulations, policies and directives have been complied with
  • Public money has been spent with proper regard for economy and efficiency
  • The Legislative Assembly has been provided with appropriate accountability information
  • The form and content of financial information documents is adequate and suitable

The Auditor General has sole discretion in identifying and selecting the project audits the Office undertakes. When selecting project audits the Auditor General considers a number of factors, including financial magnitude, impact of the subject matter on Manitobans, and public interest.

Special audit

The Lieutenant Governor in Council, the Minister of Finance, or the Public Accounts Committee may also request a Special Audit of the accounts of a government organization or recipient of public money. The Auditor General is not obliged to undertake the audit if he or she is of the opinion that it would interfere with the primary responsibilities of the Auditor General.

What we are working on

At any given time, we have several project audits in progress. You can find brief descriptions of these on-going audits here.

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We want to hear from you

We encourage Manitobans to provide us with information related to one of our on-going project audits, or to potential audits. This information may help our audit teams identify concerns and potentially influence what an audit will examine.

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