Work that matters

At the Office of the Auditor General of Manitoba, we pride ourselves on being able to positively influence public sector performance through impactful audit work and reports. Our work goes beyond the bottom line. As legislative auditors, we serve the Manitoba Legislative Assembly, and in turn, all Manitobans.

More than 55 individuals work for the Auditor General in a variety of areas, including financial statement audits, project audits, and corporate services. When there are job openings, the postings are listed below.

Professional job opportunities

No job opportunities at this time

Student job opportunities

As a training office in the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) Professional Education Program, we are invested in helping students successfully transition from the academic world to the professional one. Students typically work on teams with a senior auditor, a manager and a principal, receiving hands-on training and mentorship.

As part of our team, students work on audits of provincial government departments and enterprises, Crown organizations, universities and colleges, health and family services authorities, and much more. No other audit organization in Manitoba offers the work experiences that we do.

For more information about student recruiting, download our Recruitment Brochure or contact us at 204.945.3790.