Our Values

In Interpersonal Relationships

Respect                  Honesty
Integrity                 Openness

In Achieving Our Vision And Mission

Teamwork             Balanced Perspectives
Independence      Professional Excellence

Operating Principles


We conduct our work in an objective and unbiased manner.

Balanced Perspective

We put forth well considered and fair conclusions based on analysis of all opinions and where appropriate, reporting on strengths as well as weaknesses.


We work together co-operatively and in a co-ordinated manner to achieve a common goal.


We are accountable for our individual contributions to the products and services provided by the Office.

Value-Added Work

We provide the Legislative Assembly with value-added reports.

Professional Conduct

We adhere to the Office values in carrying out our work.

Professional Excellence

We maintain sound audit methodology and meet the professional standards and competency requirements of our Office.

Financial Stewardship

We use taxpayers money effectively and efficiently.